Choose how you accept payments, in‑store, online or on‑the‑go.

Accept all kinds of card payments to capture all kinds of sales.

Integrated payments

Accept credit and debit cards with leading payment processors from around the world. Integrated payments save you time and prevent errors from manual sales. Connect your 1myPOS system to the partner provider of your choice, and you could be accepting card payments in minutes.

Contactless payments

All of our integrated payment partners around the world have contactless enabled terminals. Accepting contactless payments speeds up your checkout line and lets you accept NFC transactions such as Apple Pay.

Take your business with you with flexible mobile payment options.


Running your business on the go? Several of our payment partners, including PayPal and iZettle, offer 1myPOS solutions that integrate with the 1myPOS Register iPad app, so you can take your store with you wherever you go.

Pay with your phone

Accepting mobile payments in your store has never been simpler. Customers can pay from their phone using NFC applications like Apple Pay with any of our payment partners.

Apple Pay is simple to use and works with the cards your customers already have, on the devices they use every day. Card details aren’t stored on devices.

Give your customers one more way to pay, with customizable gift cards.

Increase your revenue

Increase your customer base and revenue potential by issuing custom branded gift cards. 65% of customers who make a purchase on a gift card spend 38% more than the face value of the card* and are more likely to pay full price for an item, bringing you more revenue.

Save money on processing

Offering a gift card gives customers one more payment option, and reduces processing costs for you when customers don’t carry cash. It’s a win-win solution.

Payment Features

1myPOS give you the unique payment features


The common payment methods used in 1myPOS application are cash, Card, digital wallet, cheque etc., You can customize your store payments as per your requirements.

Payment Reminder

You can create Payment Reminder easily and get paid on time. You can set customized thankyou notes when you receive payments.

Receivables and Payble

Maintain your cashbook easily by using our 1mypos billing software. Easily track the money you have to receive and you need to pay using 1mypos.

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