1myPOS is one of the Leading Billing software provider for all Retail Business in Indian, Small/Large Retail Businesses to deal with invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, and much more! The goal is to make a Retail Business Easy in daily routine and let them focus more on growing their business

Small/Medium Business (SME)

Even today, 70% SMEs in India still create bills on paper. Being that, most of their productive time is consumed in making manual entries and calculations. When small things go wrong, the entire business goes down, simply because there is no place to fall back. Not having the resources can really wear out the business owner driving them away from doing what matters most. Small Business Accounting Software needs a Digital Upgrade. An upgrade that is simple yet effcient. We are trying to bring in a simpler solution that works for them and hence 1myPOS!

We are talking about improving the life of a segment that is the largest in our nation, i.e ‘Small Business Sector’ the heartbeat of our economy. One of the major aspect holding down the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is that they hardly have any access to proper technology. Easing this situation will go a long way in nurturing and sustaining SMEs. To let India emerge as one of the brightest economic spots in the coming years, businesses should focus on ways to make cash rather than stuck up in counting cash.

A Business Accounting App like 1myPOS (available both as Android/Desktop App) most importantly sets up the business financial data at all times 100% accurately . It works offline, helping one use it without being connected to unreliable internet. 1myPOS App paints the picture of what they own (assets), how much they owe (liabilities) and what are their business values (equity). It serves as a basis for proper planning of the business accounting activities.

With 1myPOS, a Businessman can effortlessly

  • Become GST compatible.
  • View how business is performing instantly.
  • Create, print/share customized invoices.
  • Set automatic payment reminders.
  • Do business accounting software offline without internet.
  • Manage all parties in one single place and market business much easily.
  • Set up “Auto Backup” and secure his business accounting data against accidental data loss.
  • Expired items can be easily selected for upcoming sale by simply tracking individual units of the item by batch numbers.