Make Your Restaurant Operations Automated with our Comprehensive Billing Software with KOT

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Run Your Restaurant efficiently using our KOT system

Our POS have a full control over Stock, Purchase, Billing, Accounting, Suppliers, Customers and Dashboard.

1mypos software

With 1myPOS the billing for your restaurants have made easy, with just one tap you can easily bill the items.

1mypos software

Track the exact current stock in your restaurant and make the best use of it before its expiry to avoid wastages.

1mypos software

With 1myPOS Get your daily reports instantly and mange your business centrally using our cloud software.

1mypos software

Make quick and easy billing with just one click and get visual table status whether available or occupied.

1mypos software

Get instant records about your stock suppliers where you can compare their costs and manage their supply.

1mypos software

Easily analyse your restaurant growth based on your daily records of sales, purchase and expenses.

You can even go mobile! It’s all up to you.

Your Restaurant Business is incomplete without our comprehensive KOT

  • Admin Login & Sales person selection
  • Hall Selection options
  • Table Number Reservation and Alerts
  • Table Order Display/Print in Kitchen (Category wise print)
  • New KOT Order
  • Received Orders, Update Orders and Request Bills
  • Cancel KOT Orders Display/Print
  • Sales Type (Dine-in / Take Away) optinos

1mypos billing software

Plan your production based on orders
Reduce Inventory Wastage, Our KOT can Help You.

Since the order is being communicated through KOT it reduces manual errors and reduces the time taken to go and place the order. In addition, it reduces all the labour costs.

Integration with online food Ordering Portals

1mypos billing software

Why to connect online food ordering portals to your restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant online ordering systems provide you with the space to advertise your restaurant where your customers are actually searching for you!

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