Customer management and loyalty software to keep your best customers coming back.

Attract new customers and increase revenue with gift cards.

Bring in new customers

Attract your customers by sending gift cards on their special days which brings in new customers to your store.

Increase your revenue

75% of the gift card redeemers spend 37% over the value of their gift card, and mostly buy products at regular price. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your revenue

Get set up in a flash

Gift cards are trouble free. Enable gift cards through your own account. It's that simple.

Easily sell & redeem gift cards

Process gift cards using 1myPOS on a web browser or the 1myPOS Register Android app, or let customers redeem them on your 1myPOS Ecommerce store.

Build great customer relationships.

Create customer groups

Make your customer feel special by sending them gift cards on their special days. Create VIP customer groups and inform them about new discounts and offers at your store.

Export your list to your email marketing tool

With 1myPOS you can export your customer details through email for targeted markets.

Centrally manage your customer database

Manage your customer details centrally through 1myPOS Ecommerce store. The customers details will be in sync no matter where ever they shop within your branch.

Provide store credit to your customers

Always keep your customers coming back by providing them store credits where they come back to your store to redeem the store credit balance.